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Urban Radio’s Most STATION Friendly Show!

Here’s what separates this program from all others:

  •  A-list interviews weekly. Daily topical local content produced just for your market. Unlimited local visits.

  •  Attending local affiliate sales meetings while also assisting AE’s in closing deals where Sasha can be the endorser.


  • It’s not unusual for Sasha to spend a week broadcasting from the studios of a local affiliate. Besides attending station events, Sasha will create her own branded events for your market.

  •  Diva’s Diamonds > Sasha’s Secrets with Luscious Lydia

  •  Comedians George Wallace & George Willborn

  •  Kids on the Move

  •  Voice of Inspiration

  •  Celebrity Interviews

So whether it’s taking over Middays as Sasha is

doing fabulously at WUFO in Buffalo , or upgrading

any other day part , the Sasha The Diva Program

is produced and executed to win with both

ratings and revenue while also establishing

a meaningful local connection.

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Memorable and Sticky Benchmarks like:

The Best In The Industry 

Sasha’s program is produced flawlessly. Sasha turns around custom content with lightning speed.  I have multiple syndicated shows and they all sound like syndicated shows.  Not this one.  Sasha brings a level of customization and commitment that I have never seen before from a syndicated show.


She not only sounds like she is broadcasting every day from the city of Buffalo, but she does all the extra things to make us feel like she is part of our air staff.  


She is on top of everything both Nationally and in Buffalo. Sasha and her team even frequently attend my sales , programming, and promotion meetings. This program is simply a must have for any station looking to add a powerful midday, drive time, or evening offering.


Sheila L. Brown,  President - WUFO 1080 AM/ Power 96.5 FM